Graphic Designer Seeks New Adventures in:
Web Design, Illustration, Graphic Design


Thanks for stopping by. This website has been built in pursuit of my newest adventure - full-time or contract creative design.

Don't let the fun approach fool you. I love cartooning. But I also love digging into highly detailed, excruciatingly accurate product layouts. And HTML /CSS code zows me just as much as illustration.

Half of great design is showing up. I do that! I've been consistently creative for more than 20 years as an in-house graphics expert reliably churning out great websites, pre-production drawings, packaging, social media sites, original illustrations, collateral pieces, training manuals - you name it, I've been there. On time. On deadline. On target to build brand equity through graphic design.

Please take a look at some samples of my work in the Portfolio section. Learn more about me at About. Then take the plunge and Hire Me. Full time or creative project, you won't be sorry. And I won't be late. Now that's creative graphic design. graphic